Sludge Treatment

EcoDem has the capability to design, build and operate plants for the dehydration and treatment of sludge from Waste Water Treatment Facilities (WWTF) and other sludge (tank and pond cleaning etc.), and with possible energy recovery, in particular in the oil refining sector.

The system mainly consist of:

  • Sludge collection system for the waste thickening units of the TA system;
  • Dehydration system consisting of a three-phase Decanter (solid-liquid-liquid separator) and vertical centrifuge (liquid-liquid separator), which allows the separation in:
    • aqueous phase (to be recycled back);
    • oily phase (to be  to be sent to storage tanks);
    • solid phase (to be disposed of);
  • Intermediate accumulation system;
  • Intermediate storage system for the oily liquid phase before it is taken back into storage tanks;
  • Disposal system for the solid phase produced.

To optimize the process, we can add to  the dehydration process a closed-loop  sludge drying section, followed by a thermal recovery plant with cogeneration of energy, generated by the dried sludge combustion (solid phase from the separation).